BurnsOffroad: Navigation App
Project Goal: Create a web platform for connecting lovers of adventure tourism.
Result: A navigation service with social network functions
• Navigation with multilayered outdoor maps that are available offline
• Activity tracking and sharing
• Meetups: Starting/joining trips and finding like-minded travelers
• Clubs: Organizing/joining a local community of adventurers
• Route builder + various navigation tools

• Back end
• Web service, UI/UX
• Mobile apps for Android and iOS
• Logo
• Website and branding
• Promo videos
Conducting market research
Preparing specification requirements document

Defining MVP features
Gathering Data
The product gets a draft name: OffRoad.
Exploring technological solutions
Setting up the development environment
Developing back-end services

Building ClientServer Architecture
Since we know that app users will interact with each other, we think about the relevant functionality from the start.
Drafting concepts and defining the structure
Designing UX and modelling user behavior scenarios
Deciding on the final version and double-checking that no details are overlooked
Designing the Interface
We have a clear vision of the product's interface at this step.
Developing the logic
Designing UI
Integrating UI with the back end
Developing the Web Client
Testing back end/UX/UI
A web service prototype is ready.
We developed the application for Android first and tested some functionality ideas then developed the app for iOS. In the end, both apps were completed successfully.
Developing Mobile Clients
Docker containers
Configuring IT Infrastructure for Product Launch
Technologies we used:
We made sure the project rests on a solid technological foundation.
Performing comprehensive testing of mobile apps, the web client, and back-end services
Conducting load testing
Performing Cross-Platform Testing
We have verified that all constituent parts of the product are seamlessly aligned and work error free.
Coming up with the market name: BurnsOffroad
Designing the logo
Creating a smart landing page

Branding the Product
Making a few animated promos
The project is complete!
BurnsOffroad is available with all its features at
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