MG9: Fleet Management System
Project Goal: Create a professional solution for vehicle video surveillance and remote fleet control.
Implemented features:
• Ability to record video from cameras installed on the vehicle
• Remote access to vehicle cameras
• Notification of cloud users for any vehicle event: accident, dangerous driving, etc.
• Fleet location tracking

• Pro-grade drive recorder
• HD camera
• Full HD camera
• Back end for cloud service
• Video streaming service
• Web service, UI/UX
• Mobile apps for Android and iOS
• Product website and branding
Conducting market research
Preparing specification requirements document
Defining MVP features
Gathering and Analyzing Data
Draft product name at the initial stage: Video Motion.
Searching for suitable processors
Discussing terms of cooperation with suppliers
Buying the Evolution dev board
Exploring Technological Options
A multitalented team is put together for the project at this step.
Designing the hardware board
Developing software
Searching for a manufacturing plant and ordering the first prototypes
Hardware Development
Testing prototype devices
After multiple test runs and debugging we get a stable prototype.
Developing back end for processing video streams
Designing a clear and appealing UI/UX
Developing mobile apps
Designing the Cloud Service
Configuring IT infrastructure
The most difficult part of any project is aligning state-of-the-art design and technology with the future cost of the product, so we do our best to find a middle ground.
Drafting camera concept
Consulting with electrical engineers about housing design
Rendering beautiful visuals for product presentation
Designing the Housing
Ordering the enclosure prototype
Before production launch, we usually spend several months looking for a suitable manufacturing plant, making contact with component distributors and writing the product documentation.
Manufacturing electronic components
Manufacturing the housing
Producing the first batch of 10 devices
Production Launch
Field testing
The product gets its final market name: MG9.
Creating API documentation
Writing the user manual
Drawing up spec sheets
Preparing Product Documentation
The product is ready to meet the world, and we prepare for a trade show presentation.

Working out the branding
Building the website
Designing the presentation
Designing Logo, Website, and Presentation
Now that the marketing foundation is laid, we can focus on planning the product's future.
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