WAACQ: Agricultural marketplace
Project Goal: Create a B2B marketplace for the agribusiness sector, eventually expanding it to a global ecosystem and fully automating every stage of the product's journey along the supply chain from farm to restaurants and retail stores.
• Product listing for sellers
• Flexible search and clear ordering process for buyers
• Transaction process from order to delivery and payment
• Direct bank integration
• Deal protection
• Foolproof rating system and other useful features

• Back end
• Web service

Conducting market research
Preparing specification requirements document
Defining MVP
Gathering and Analyzing Data
The product gets a draft name: FoodExpl.
Exploring technological solutions
Setting up the development environment
Obtaining technical documentation for bank integration
Creating the Product's Architecture
Developing back-end services
The architecture is designed with high scalability, the capacity for complex bank integrations, and transaction protection in mind.
Drafting concepts and defining the structure
Designing UX and modelling user behavior scenarios
Deciding on the final version and double-checking that no details are overlooked
Designing the Interface
We have a clear vision of the product's interface at this step.
Developing the logic
Designing UI
Integrating UI with back end
Developing the Web Client
Testing back end/UX/UI
The most difficult part of any project is to align state-of-the-art design and technology with the future cost of the product, so we do our best to find a middle ground.
Performing comprehensive testing of back-end services and the web client across platforms and devices
Conducting load testing
Testing and Documenting the Service
Before project launch, we usually spend several months writing the product documentation.
Refining the name: WAACQ – World Association of Agricultural Quotation
Creating the logo and branding style guide
Preparing presentations in multiple languages

Branding the Product
Designing a website
Check out WAACQ at www.waacq.com
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Together with a team of analysts, we lay out a roadmap for scaling the platform.

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