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We Are a Perfect Dev Match for Your Business
Burns.App can help you bring your ideas to life—from paper to product launch. With over 10 years of engineering experience and plenty of versatile projects under our belts, we know how to deliver real value to our customers' businesses through human-centered innovation.
We Are Designers
Driven by creativity, we follow the latest visual design trends while focusing on usability and keeping things simple.
We Are QA Pros
All our products undergo comprehensive quality assurance involving heavy-duty custom tests.
We Are Launch Strategists
We help to release the product and provide support throughout its life cycle.
Have a great project in mind but don't know where to start? We're happy to share our expertise in technology and will help to communicate your ideas to the IT team.
Development and production
Product Launching
Expert Advice
We will help to articulate the concept and lay it down in a specification document for the developers.
Specification Requirements

We'll create a smart, modern interface for your mobile app or website and design a cool landing page.
UI/UX Design
We create mobile applications for Android and iOS with versatile functionality.
Mobile Apps
We develop all kinds of web services; whether simple or complex, they're always scalable.
Web Solutions
We build server solutions that facilitate interaction between users or the processing of complex algorithms.
Back-End Services
We develop electrical systems and design circuitry and components that provide across-the-board engineering solutions.
Electrical & Mechanical Engineering
We will help you to find a reliable production partner in China, Korea, or Russia.
Manufacturer Sourcing
We create fully functional high-fidelity prototypes that are indistinguishable from the final product.
Development and implementation
We perform comprehensive quality assessment before releasing the product. This includes functional testing, load tests, field tests, etc.
We configure and manage the IT infrastructure for the services we develop and provide all necessary implementation support.
Our specialists will design your logo and style guide, create promotional content, define your marketing strategy, etc.
Product Release

Generating and shaping ideas together
QA, branding, and marketing
Our Services
We have multifaceted experience with cloud technology, navigation services, video surveillance systems, and marketplace platforms.

Our Work
Video Control System for Vehicles
MG9 360 is a professional solution for remote vehicle surveillance and fleet management. Full HD footage from up to four cameras and GPS data can be live-streamed on any device as well as accessed in the cloud when needed.
Outdoor Navigation App
BurnsOffroad is a social network, a web service, a mobile app for professional navigation, and it's a way of life for thousands of outdoor adventurers.
Agricultural Marketplace
WAACQ is an agricultural marketplace that links suppliers and buyers in the agribusiness sector and ensures adequate transaction protection.
Navigation App for BRP Can-Am
We have developed the integration of a mobile navigation application with the Bosch MySPIN system for Can-Am BRP Spyder.
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